Here are design prompts / challenges. The output format is left as an exercise to the designer. Wireframe, mockup, user stories, musings, etc. all good.

Bitcoin Design Challenges (abridged)

Full versions here

First use

Alice paid for Bob’s lunch. Bob wants to pay Alice back in bitcoin, but she has never used bitcoin before. Alice has now installed a Bitcoin wallet application and wants to set it up and share a bitcoin address with Bob.

Lightning tip jar

Integrates BOLT 12 functionality to a wallet so that any user can simply generate a QR code from their wallet that can be shared with the world as a receive address or Lightning tip jar.

Bitcoin ATM

A student recently received €200 in cash as a birthday gift from a family member. The student downloaded a wallet on their mobile device and now wishes to use the funds to purchase bitcoin quickly and securely using an ATM.

Gift card

Bob has been gifted a $100 bitcoin gift card for his birthday and wants to redeem it in a bitcoin mobile wallet.


Bob Jr wants to receive his weekly allowance in bitcoin.

AB️⚡DC Originals

Lightning send (remote)

Car wants to send a lightning payment to Bob, but Bob isn't in QR code scanning range.

Lightning receive (remote)

Sahil wants to receive a lightning payment from Alice, but can't show her a QR code.

Restaurant tip

Paul had an excellent meal and would like to tip the wait staff when paying.


Justin has been DCAing on an exchange but just heard "not your keys not your coins" on a podcast.

NFC aka "boop to pay"

Ben and Alice have phones with built-in NFC. Ben owes Alice $100 for painting his Warhammer figurines.

Unified on-chain and lightning

Alice wants to pay Bob but she isn't sure what the difference between lightning and "on-chain" is. Bob's wallet supports BIP21 Unified QR codes. wyd

Copy cat

Steal a prompt from another group, but target a different persona than them.